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    What can you say about Tarpon fishing in this little piece of the world we call in the World!  The
    tarpon is non-edible and a very athletic and strong fish so this type of fishing will truly wear an
    angler out!  You can find this species throughout the Florida Keys and are targeted more in the
    spring.  Baby tarpon may be found in residential canals that surround mangrove islands.  In
    summer, tarpon range from babies of 5 to 25 pounds up to an average size of 30 to 60
    pounds.  For the most part, these tarpon live in the Keys and don't roam far.

    But there are also migrating tarpon that come to the warm waters of the Keys in the spring.  
    They come in a hurry and they are big!  It is a common site to see fish over 100 lbs. swimming
    and rolling right around your boat

    At times, Florida Bay has an enormous population of medium to large fish - a population that
    is readily accessible by small craft. Also, any of the 42 bridges in the Keys that allow
    movement of a substantial amount of water between the bay and the ocean also harbor these
    fish. Channel Two Bridge and Channel Five Bridge, both just south of Islamorada, are
    notorious tarpon spots.

    Anglers should look for calm conditions early and late in the day; such conditions keep fish
    "rolling" on the surface of the water and gulping air - a delight to the eye and the ear.
"The worlds premier
inshore game fish."
Florida Sportsman

"In the Florida Keys, where I
live, tarpon fishermen from
around the world drop
whatever they're doing in May
and June to travel here for
some of the most spectacular
fishing to be found anywhere."
John Brownlee
Saltwater sportsman

"The Florida Keys is the best
place in the world to sight-fish
large tarpon in clear shallow
Fly Fisherman
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