The Islamorada Hump
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    Here are the GPS coordinates for navigation to productive fishing spots off the Florida Keys.
    changes, birds feeding and other boats working the area. Use your depthfinder.
    Coordinates given, are based on a rough waypoint;

    Key Largo Hump GPS: 25-00.66' N; 80-16.8'W Depth: 280-330 ft.

    Islamorada Hump GPS: 24-48.18' N; 80-26.67' W Depth: 295 ft.

    409 Hump GPS: 24-35.5' N; 80-35.5' W Depth: 409 ft.

    A seamount is a mountain rising from the ocean floor that does not reach to the surface of
    the ocean.  Seamounts often project upwards into shallower zones . These areas are more
    hospitable to sea life. It provides habitat for marine species that are not found on the  
    deeper ocean bottom.  A seamount may deflect deep currents and create upwelling. This
    process can  bring nutrients into the photosynthetic zone. Producing an area of
    concentration of organisms not normally found in an open ocean.  Seamounts may be vital
    stopping points for some migratory animals. Predators like dolphin, blackfin tuna, wahoo,
    billfish and other gamefish  come to fed on squid, flying fish and other  fish. This sub order
    of fish are feeding on the zooplanton.

    Live bait is the biggest single denominator for a successful Islamorada Hump trip. The
    primary bait species are pilchards, cigar minnows, ballyhoo and mackerel scad. Hook four
    live pilchards to a 50-pound teaser line, then sent them out behind the boat. Keep the bow  
    into the current, idling gently in forward gear as the baits darted around 30 feet back from
    the transom. Throw a scoop of pilchards back on top of them. The free swimmers clustered
    around the teaser, creates a ball of bait. Attracting the cruising fish 20 to 80 feet below.
    Then set your bait on 20-pound spinner rod.
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