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    The 'flats' surround all of the Florida Keys.  A flat is a shallow area or sandbar.  The bottom of
    these areas are mostly covered in a carpet of seagrass, known as Turtle Grass. This
    seagrass is the environment that the most challenging fish come to hunt for food. Bonefish,
    permit, tarpon, barracuda, and sharks are commonly found in the shallows.

    Searching for and sighting fish to cast at is what the sport of flats fishing is all about.
    Fortunately for Florida Keys and Key West visitors, we are surrounded by shallow water: one
    or two feet deep and is often clear as glass.

    Famous modern day anglers such as Flip Pallot, Lefty Kreh, and even Jimmy Buffett have all
    written extensively of their adventures on the flats of the Lower Keys, where the sport was
    pioneered. Their tales of fly fishing for the enigmatic tarpon, bonefish, and permit, in an
    environment of unparalleled beauty, have made this the fastest growing segment of saltwater

    Through the years flats fishing has gained popularity as being the sport fisherman's golf
    game.  Back country and flats fishing is usually a more relaxed experience than offshore
    fishing.  The best back country fishing guides have a special blend of talent, knowledge and
    skill as they pilot you into the wilderness of the uninhabited Keys and mangrove shorelines of
    the Florida Bay or the Gulf.  Fly fishing, light tackle fishing, bone fishing and tarpon fishing - all
    good choices for Florida Keys and Key West back country fishing.
Florida Keys Flats & Back Country Fishing
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Did You Know?

Fines for damaging
seagrasses take into
account their economic
and environmental
importance and the
costs of assessing and
repairing damage.
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