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Charter Boat FAQ's
    These are general questions and answers.  Please ask your fishing guide for their specific

    Is there a bathroom on the boat?

    It depends.  If you plan on fishing on a flats boat, they generally do not have 'head's on board
    because they are much smaller boats than the ones that go out to the deep sea, but
    sometimes, you can find a charter boat big enough for a head that also goes back country

    Should I bring my own fishing gear?

    You can bring anything you like to carry; however, most Florida Keys fishing guides carry all
    the gear you need for your trip. If you do decide to bring your own gear, please check with
    your captain to ask what kind of lines and whatnots to put on your rod and reel. Fly fishermen
    should ask their guide what is best.

    What should we bring?

    Yourself, whatever you want to eat, drinks (water, Gatorade, sodas, and beer is okay too)
    sunscreen lotion (not spray please), a good pair of polarized sunglasses, white soled
    shoes, a jacket on cool or rainy days, a hat, and maybe a camera.  Remember, if you are
    flats fishing our guides have limited space in our boats. Please do not move in. We will only
    be on the water a maximum of 8 hours.

    What is supplied?

    Each guide provides different items, but you can be sure that they will have the following:
    Rods, reels, bait, tackle, and plenty of ice.

    How many people can I bring on my charter?  

    Florida Keys fishing boats' maximum number of people that can board depends on the type
    of fishing boat you plan to do. Typically flats boats carry a maximum of 2 folks and wreck
    fishing typically 4.  It does not matter if one of the people is not fishing or if one of the people
    is a baby; they are still a heartbeat and that is all that matters to the Coast Guard that
    mandates how many people we can carry on our boats.  

    Can I mount my fish?

    Catch a trophy? Want to take it home?  Ask your fishing guide if they offer artificial replica
    mounting or can recommend someone that can do it.   

    Can I eat my fish?

    Traditionally flats fishing is a catch and release sport only; if on your charter you would like to
    stop and get a few snappers for the cooks at your favorite local restaurant to fix for you then
    let the guide know.  Offshore fishing? Make sure that you tell your guide in the beginning of
    the trip that you want to keep your catch otherwise they may make plans for the fish

    Will I get seasick on my charter?

    If you feel as though you or someone in your group has a problem with motion sickness,
    please consider avoidance of offshore fishing charters. If you still intend on going offshore
    please take a precautionary drug such as Dramamine, Bonine or Triptone at least 45
    minutes prior to your charter's departure. People typically do not get seasick on the flats.
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