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    REDFISH ( Red Drum )

    What Charter Fishes For Them:

  • Back country Fishing
  • Flats Fishing

    When Is Best:

    Redfish are found all year, but the best months to find large schools is from March through October.
    June , July and August is the best time to find tailing fish.

    About These Fish:

  • Redfish are caught in the Everglades National Park. The boundary of the park starts 2 miles
    from the Keys shores from Key Largo to Islamorada. A trip into the park is a must if you are
    new to fishing in the Keys.

  • If you have never caught a fish on fly , then redfish is the fish for you. They won't give you long
    runs, but a red in the 7 pound range will give you a respectable battle. They don't spook as
    easily as bonefish, and don't often turn down a fly.
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