Cobia (Ling)


    Ling, Cabio,
    Cubby Yew,

    What Charter Fishes For Them:

  • Back country Fishing
  • Flats Fishing
  • Light Tackle Wreck and Reef Fishing
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Fun Fishing Charters

    Any one of the above charters catches these fish either by accident or on purpose for excellent sport
    food and entertainment.

    When Is Best:

    November through March and as late as April. Many fish are caught year round by accident. The
    large numbers of fish are on the wrecks and flats starting in January through April.

    About These Fish:

  • Cobia can be a great delight to any day of fishing-fun to catch and they seemingly fight to the
  • They look allot like sharks and will often approach the boat without being scared.    Flats
    fishing back country fishing and light tackle wreck and reef fishing target the Cobia with Fly
    fishing gear. Be ready for a battle.
  • On the flats, Cobia are found tailing rays and sharks in the Winter and early spring. They eat
    really well most anything you can throw to them.
  • Few fish over 32 inches make it back in the water
  • Catches as high as 15 in one 8 hour charter near the wrecks have been reported. On the
    Flats and in the Back Country 1 or 2 is a great day mixed with other species.
  • Food Value is STELLAR!!!

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