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  • Flats Fishing
  • Bonefishing Charters
  • Back country Fishing

    Selections above are the recommended charters to book for these famous fish depending on the
    number of people you chose to bring and the style you would like to fish.

    When Is Best:

    Bonefishing is typically done in the months are March Through Late October. The last and the
    first good cold fronts will certainly start and stop the bonefishing.
    Strong months are in the Fall Late August, September, October.

    Geography Differences:

    The Upper Keys traditionally holds the largest and the smartest bonefish in the Florida Keys. Some
    reaching 15 lbs.
    The Middle Keys all the way to Key West hold the most numbers of these fish with catches of 15
    and 20 fish in the 4 - 10 lb range reported in 6 hour back country fishing Charters.
    The Marquesas Keys also hold bonefish.

    About These Fish:

  • These fish eat well and offer a HUGE long run that is seemingly unstoppable. Much sought
    after sport fish of the Florida Keys and Key West.
  • Medium to high catch ratio. Not the most entertaining thing for smaller kids. Can be an
    obsessive sport costing many dollars in repeat charters.
  • No Food Value.

    There are three basic ways to fish for bonefish. Some people chum with bits of shrimp or crab to
    bring the fish onto the flats. Some anglers will stake up the boat on the edge of the flat and wait for
    bonefish to come in with the tide. The third way is to pole the boat around on the flats and sight fish
    for them. Sight fishing is when you look for the tails of the fish when they are digging for food - or
    actually see the fish in the clear waters of the Keys.

Florida Keys Fish
Florida Keys Fish
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