The Florida Keys Bluefish

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    Baby blues,
    Choppers, Elfs

    Harvesting Bluefish
    Bluefish support recreational and commercial fisheries along the entire Atlantic coast. The
    recreational sector is most popular, accounting for 70 percent of the total catch by weight in the past
    20 years.

    Gillnets are the principal gear used in the commercial sector and account for approximately 40
    percent of commercial landings. Commercial fishermen also use hook and line gear and trawls to
    harvest bluefish. There are also small, localized fisheries—such as the beach seine fishery that
    operates along the Outer Banks of North Carolina—that harvest bluefish along with other species.
    Recreational fishermen mainly use rod and reel gear to catch bluefish.

    Fisheries for bluefish are seasonal because of the species’ migration patterns. During the
    summer, they’re found in waters from Maine to Cape Hatteras. In winter they tend to be found
    offshore between Cape Hatteras and Florida.

    The recreational catch of bluefish, which is almost exclusively from rod and reel gear, accounts for
    the majority of landings. Recreational fishermen fish for bluefish near inlets, shoals, and rips that
    often hold large schools of bait attracting bluefish into a feeding frenzy. The excitement involved in
    fishing for these aggressive fighters makes them the second most harvested species in the Mid-
    Atlantic, behind striped bass. Recreational fishermen can catch and keep 15 bluefish per person
    per day.

    Bluefish Saltwater Fishing Regulation
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