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All About Florida Keys Fishing & Key West Fishing
Upper Keys Fishing
Marine Fisheries News
    The Florida Keys are sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the
    Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Bay in the Upper Florida Keys.  This makes
    for stellar fishing!  The warm Gulf  Stream current runs just off the coast
    The Florida Keys, both in the back country and the Atlantic side, contains
    more species of fish than anywhere else in the Atlantic making the
    Florida Keys a Fisherman's Dream!

    Florida Keys fishing charters and Key West fishing charters will take
    you either to the oceanside or the flats and backcountry for a Florida Keys
    Fishing experience you will never forget!  Florida Keys Fishing guides are
    talented and knowledgeable when it comes to where to find the fish,
    what fish to try to catch and how to catch the fish.  Florida Keys
    Sportfishing (catch and release) is very popular up and down the 120
    miles of Florida Keys.  

    There are a series of three "humps" located on the edge of the
    continental shelf off of the Florida Keys.  The most popular is the
    Marathon Hump.  These humps are loosely called seamounts, because
    they are like mountains rising from the ocean floor. Worldwide, there are
    thousands of these structures. Some are remnants of underwater
    volcanoes; others may have once been emergent islands. Wherever you
    find them, seamounts are unique marine habitats.  These areas are
    where several Florida Keys sportfishing charters will go depending on
    the weather and seas.  

    If the seas are rough, you always have the choice of Florida Keys flats or
    back country fishing.  Florida Keys and Key West flats fishing guides will
    pilot you into the wilderness of the uninhabited Keys and mangrove
    shorelines of the Florida Bay or the Gulf.  Fly fishing, light tackle fishing,
    bone fishing and tarpon fishing - all good choices for Florida Keys and
    Key West back country fishing.

    Florida Keys and Key West reef fishing and wreck fishing are other very
    popular choices for light tackle fishing.  Reef fishing and wreck fishing in
    the Florida Keys and Key West yields a wide range of fish, many of which
    are especially fine for the table.

    The 'flats' surround all of the Florida Keys.  A flat is a shallow area or
    sandbar.  The bottom of these areas are mostly covered in a carpet of
    seagrass, known as Turtle Grass. This seagrass is the environment that
    the most challenging fish come to hunt for food.  Bonefish, permit,
    tarpon, barracuda, and sharks are commonly found in the shallows.

The Florida Keys - a Fisherman's Dream!!

    Searching for and sighting fish to cast at is what the sport of flats fishing is all about. Fortunately for Florida Keys and Key
    West visitors,  we are surrounded by shallow water: one or two feet deep and is often clear as glass.

    Through the years flats fishing has gained popularity as being the sport fisherman's golf game.  Back country and flats
    fishing is usually a more relaxed experience than offshore fishing.  Florida Keys flats guides and back country fishing
    guides have a special blend of talent, knowledge and skill and are ready to share it with you!

                                                                                   Key West Fishing

    The Atlantic Ocean is Key West's playground for deep sea fishing.   The island of Key West is where three bodies of water
    come together - the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlanta Ocean and the Gulf Stream.  The seas between Key West and Cuba are
    considered the most biologically diverse part of the entire Atlantic Ocean.

    Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Cobia, and King Mackerel are a few of the fish caught in
    the waters around Key West.  Every month of the year there are different migrating fish making deep sea fishing a year round
    sport.  Wintertime Tuna & Kingfish, summertime Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi/Dorado) and Billfish, and a host of year-round species
    keep the action in Key West consistently hot.

    Key West has the much deserved reputation of having the finest flats fishing found anywhere in the world.  Tarpon, permit,
    bonefish, shark, and barracuda can be caught in the back country of Snipe Keys.   Fly fishing in the far western atoll known
    as the Marquesas Keys will challenge your skill in light tackle sight fishing.  You'll catch Jack crevalle, bar jack, ladyfish,
    snook and redfish in the clear, pristine water in and around the flats of the Lower Keys and Key West.

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